RF Engineer II

Location: Overland Park, KS
Date Posted: 12-06-2017
RF Engineer II is responsible for performing moderately complex RF engineering activities supporting the design, development and optimization of a wireless network. Responsibilities include: performing radio propagation modeling and prediction to determine cell site location, determining equipment and power configurations, forecasting channel capacity requirements, planning and optimizing system traffic and developing design standards to ensure system quality. May provide some training assistance to lower level engineers.  Responsible for conducting moderately complex network system administration and design engineering activities to maximize network capacity. Performs engineering functions related to interconnect equipment and facilities, signaling systems, switches and traffic.  Responsible for independently performing professional engineering assignments in functional area which involves the planning, evaluation and substantial adaptation and modification of standard techniques, procedures and criteria.  Bachelors Degree in Engineering or equivalent.  2-4 years related work experience.


Job Description:
As a Backhaul Commissioning & Integration Network Engineer, you will be part of the National Network Deployment Team. You will be responsible for the integration of multiple backhaul solutions Microwave, Dark Fiber, Leased Ethernet, and Satellite solutions. The position will require the Engineer be directly involved in implementing backhaul solutions across multi-vendor platforms (i.e. Edge routers, IPA, CSRs, DWDM, and Microwave) In addition, the Engineer will need to be able to remotely assist field installation teams in the commissioning / test and turn-up of new site builds as well as augmenting operational systems. The engineer will be tasked with creating instructional procedures, test plans, configuration scripts, and triaging technical problems. 

This role is a key, strategic part of our business and presents an opportunity to implement and optimize the latest networking solutions.

¿    Partner with commissioning & integration deployment teams on new cell site builds & technology upgrade activities
¿    Develop backhaul network device configuration scripts  
¿    Perform Commissioning & Integration activities on multiple backhaul solutions such as Dark Fiber, Microwave, and Satellite over Necklace, Ring, Hub-n-Spoke network topologies.  
¿    Troubleshoot sites that do not pass integration testing and drive failure resolution
¿    Assemble site specific CIQ source data to auto-generate backhaul network device configuration scripts 
¿    Provision network elements in database tool and applicable Element Management Systems as needed 
¿    Ensure Microwave radio configuration MOPs are implemented correctly
¿    Complete Spirent QScope RFC 2544 and TWAMP connectivity test to actualize backhaul acceptance tasks
¿    Perform prerequisite task(s) needed to ensure that backhaul is ready and accepted. 
¿    Support field implementation and performance troubleshooting efforts
¿    Escalate client problems according to established procedures but exercising judgment in the process
¿    Prepare, report, review test results/Methods of Procedure (MOP) documentation. 
¿    Ability to plan and lead network maintenance windows   

¿    University degree in computer science or electrical engineering and/or 5 years equivalent work experience.
¿    Previous experience working in telecom network infrastructures, preferably with 3 or more years in the providing implementation and technical support of Microwave, Ethernet, and Dark Fiber Backhaul solutions. 
¿    Experience configuring and deploying Microwave Radios, Cisco Routers, switches and firewalls in an IS-IS, MPLS, and BGP network environment
¿    Experience and understanding of some or all of the following areas: SONET, IP subnetting and layer 2/3 routing, DWDM, dark fiber services on Ciena & Cisco Optical platforms
¿    Strong demonstrated understanding and implementation of advanced routing protocols BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, MPLS, Layer 2/3 VPNs, BFD and IPsec 
¿    Industry recognized certification such as CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE.
¿    3 ¿ 4 years of experience in microwave design and development in a telecommunications environment 
¿    Knowledge of all types of circuits ¿ Microwave, Leased Ethernet, Dark and Lit Fiber, MPLS, WAN, MAN, P2P, P2MP, etc.
¿    Hands of experience installing, configuring, and troubleshooting the following Telecom Wireless Backhaul Network devices: 
o    IPAs: ALU/Nokia -7750, Cisco - ASR9010, Ericsson - SE1200 CSRs: ALU/Nokia - 7705 SAR-F,   
o    CSRs: ALU/Nokia -7705 SAR-8, Juniper - ACX2200/4000, Cisco - ASR901, ASR920, MWR2941, Ericsson - SP-210, SP-310
o    EMS Platforms: SAMB, Service-On, Cisco Prime Network
o    Microwave Radio Equipment: Ceragon Network, IP20C; Dragonwave HEMC; Fastback Networks
¿    Packet analysis and network protocol dissection skills, using tools such as Wireshark/Ethereal
¿    Knowledge and deployment experience of Quality of Service within a network 
¿    Network analysis and management experience using TCP/IP, SNMP, DHCP, NTP, DNS, SSH, etc. 
¿    Experience with provisioning CSRs/IPAs in vendor (EMS) Element Management Systems (Cisco Prime Network, ALU/Nokia Service Aware Manager (SAMB), Ericsson Service-On) 
¿    Strong collaborative skills to work effectively with teams throughout organization.
¿    Demonstrated problem solving and analytical thinking skills

Qualifications (Nice to Haves, Not a Must)
¿    Scripting experience in Powershell, Python, Java, VBScript, Perl, Secure CRT, Excel, etc.
¿    Exceptional Excel Skills, specifically in use for project trackers and reporting:
¿    VLOOKUP formulas, Count and Sum formulas, Pivot Tables Creation & Management
Working Hours: 
Normal working hours are standard Monday through Friday business hours. However, this position also requires participation in a 24x7 on-call shift rotations, after hour maintenance windows, and on-call weekend support. Must know immediately if there any H1B Visa issues that will delay employment.
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